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Wall Mounted Display Kit for A4 & DL


Wall Mounted Display Kit for A4 & DL View larger



Supplied with 8 x pocket dividers. 

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Wall Mounted Display Kit for A4 or A4/DL


The display kit includes 16 x A4 pockets and 8 x removable pocket dividers. With dividers in place any pocket can be converted to 1/3rd A4/DL.


Carton quantity: 1

Carton size: 99 x 32 x 24cm

Carton weight: 10kg

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Simple & Easy to Install
With minimal drilling required, installation takes a matter of minutes to create the full display.


Convert pockets from A4 to DL
Using the CD pocket dividers included in the kit, convert up to 8 of the A4 holders to DL.


The width can be extended simply by clipping an additional CL-PL-46 onto the existing rail and then fixing in place with screws. Additional pockets can then be mounted from the new rail. It is also possible to hang another row of pockets to the base of the unit - perhaps a row of A5 holders?.. or some CWBC93 clip on business card holders?

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